Best-In-Class Workmanship, Obsidian-Liked Appearance

All-Black High Density Module S3-series-all-black-solar-module S3-series-all-black-solar-module all-black-icon all-black-icon all-black-icon all-black-icon all-black-icon

Traditional White Busbar Black coated busbar design ensures the full black appearance. Black Coated Busbar all-black-icon

Well Balanced Between Aesthetic and Performance

Use 182 x 91mm Mono PERC Black Cell
Module Conversion Efficiency up to 19.7%
Extreme Aesthetic Appearance

Safer and More Reliable

Less mismatch and parallel design reduce shading impact
Enhanced Tolerance for Mechanical Loading
25 Year Linear Power Warranty

Reduced BoS and Installation Cost

YUKON All Black Series

Power range

Wafer + Cell
182 mm + 120

External Dimensions
1890 × 1133 × 35 mm

Power range

Wafer + Cell
182 mm + 108

External Dimensions
1730 × 1134 × 35 mm