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Boost Businesses in a Carbon-Neutral Way


SEG provided exceptional service throughout the process of setting up a solar panel system on my commercial factory. They went above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. In addition to their outstanding customer support, SEG's module quality and efficiency truly impressed me. I wholeheartedly endorse SEG to anyone seeking to install solar panels and decrease their energy costs.

C&I Global Cases

  • 10001-27.jpeg
    AE Lofts 67 kW C&I Roof
    Missouri, USA
  • IMG20230317WA0007-185.jpg
    Rockwool 2.40 MW C&I Roof
    Navarra, Spain
  • 10002da.jpeg
    Austin International Airport 1.70 MW C&I Roof
    Texas, USA
  • IMG20220711WA0019.jpg
    Merlin 1.53 MW C&I Roof
    Madrid, Spain
  • SPAINproject1-117.jpg
    Solats 1.51 MW C&I Roof
    Aragon, Spain
  • WechatIMG60.jpeg
    Jurong Factory Roof 1.20 MW C&I Roof
    Jiangsu, China


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