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  • Technical Support Engineer
    Nanjing, China

    1. Responsible for providing technical support for photovoltaic projects, including customer technical consultations, project selection recommendations, collaborating with project owners to design system programs, and addressing production and technical clarification during bidding processes.

    2. Stay informed about the needs of the photovoltaic industry and regional national policies, including analyzing client solutions, studying industry technological trends, and assessing market dynamics.

    3. Analyze customer demands by researching customer needs, competitive products, and industry standards. Prepare market feasibility analysis reports to provide a foundation for product development decision-making.

    4. Develop and promote product programs, including creating sales guides, product configurators, typical solutions with case studies, and product selection manuals. Prepare design and sales training materials.

    5. Responsible for gathering, consolidating, and resolving customer after-sales issues, facilitating technical exchanges to drive product improvements.

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  • Quality System Engineer
    Nanjing, China

    1. Establish and implement the company's integrated quality, environmental, and occupational health and safety management system to align with the company's development needs.

    2. Develop and execute plans for internal audits and management review inspections to ensure organized and planned assessments.

    3. Execute departmental work plans for quality, environmental, and occupational health and safety management systems, ensuring timely completion.

    4. Manage document modifications, storage, and usage control within the quality management system, ensuring timely updates and proper usage.

    5. Promptly communicate quality management system issues to all relevant departments, fostering objective and accurate responses to quality information and contributing to improvements.

    6. Facilitate resolution of customer complaints within the battery and component divisions, regularly convening thematic meetings with relevant departments.

    7. This role may require short-term domestic and international business travel.

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  • Quality Manager
    Nanjing, China

    1. Establish and maintain an effective quality management system, ensuring its continuous operation and improvement to enhance product quality and customer satisfaction.

    2. Manage and evaluate the quality department's staff, foster teamwork, enhance professional skills, and assist in budget control for management costs.

    3. Assess the quality objectives and work plans of various departments.

    4. Coordinate and manage supplier quality, drive continuous improvement efforts, and ensure the consistency of incoming material quality.

    5. Oversee and manage the entire quality coordination process, including exception resolution, improvement initiatives, and verification of rectification outcomes through closed-loop management.

    6. Manage the quality of finished products.

    7. Organize the handling of customer complaints, conduct root cause analysis, confirm countermeasures, and provide response reports.

    8. Identify daily risks that may impact product quality and coordinate the implementation of preventive and corrective measures.

    9. Undertake other quality-related tasks and significant projects assigned by leadership.

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  • PV Module Equipment Engineer (Based in the United States)
    Houston, USA

    1. Establish and maintain a comprehensive database for photovoltaic module specifications, leading product order technology.

    2. Spearhead product planning within the product lines and manage the entire product life cycle, including support and management.

    3. Foster communication and coordination between the company's sales, marketing, and internal resources to provide technical support.

    4. Provide technical support for customer system solution applications.

    5. Prepare product Bills of Materials (BOM) and explore cost reduction opportunities.

    6. Offer process technology support for each production base, including design changes and enhancements.

    7. Extend technical support for overseas factory construction initiatives.

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  • Battery Process Engineer (Based in Indonesia)
    Central Java, Indonesia

    1. Possess a deep understanding of the solar cell manufacturing process, with expertise in at least two of the following areas: crystalline silicon cell-related wet processes, vacuum coating, laser technology, high-temperature processes, and metallization.

    2. Proficient in analyzing electrical performance parameters of batteries and employing various testing and characterization methods. Actively participate in experimental projects, track progress, and process data, while also offering improvement suggestions.

    3. Take responsibility for introducing new materials and developing innovative technologies within the manufacturing process. Collaborate closely with the production team to address any anomalies or abnormalities.

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  • Electrical Engineer (Based in Indonesia)
    Central Java, Indonesia

    1. Take charge of electrical technical support and audits in project construction engineering. Review and optimize technical programs and technical drawings provided by electrical equipment suppliers.

    2. Coordinate solutions and address changes in on-site construction plans. Oversee and control on-site construction progress and quality. Collaborate with the project manager to manage on-site electrical installations.

    3. Ensure the resolution of issues identified during acceptance, and conduct follow-up inspections to verify rectifications.

    4. Monitor spare parts inventory and develop annual, quarterly, and monthly maintenance plans for the power system. Organize and execute maintenance activities, and ensure timely procurement of necessary materials.

    5. Assume responsibility for energy conservation initiatives and continuous improvement efforts.

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  • Equipment Engineer (Based in Indonesia)
    Central Java, Indonesia

    1. Prepare and review equipment-related documents, establish relevant equipment operating instructions, and conduct regular reviews.

    2. Plan and execute equipment improvement activities.

    3. Operate production equipment, perform inspections, maintain records, and oversee daily management.

    4. Audit the equipment quality system and on-site management to ensure compliance with the quality management system requirements.

    5. Manage large-scale equipment maintenance and coordinate external specialized assistance. Supervise equipment inspections, usage, and maintenance processes to ensure optimal equipment performance.

    6. Handle equipment procurement and spare parts management.

    7. Collect and analyze statistical data on equipment status, and regularly provide relevant reports to senior management.

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  • Material Procurement Specialist
    Nanjing, China

    1. Responsible for raw material procurement for PV modules, including daily price quotations, order placement, inventory management, and other related tasks, with a focus on coordinating with U.S. factories.

    2.Independently identify and develop qualified suppliers aligned with company requirements, continuously optimizing supplier resources to enhance the supply chain.

    3. Conduct negotiations with suppliers, facilitate agreements, and promote business relationships.

    4.Possess a deep understanding of the photovoltaic industry, monitor PV proprietary material market conditions, and employ effective methods to assess supplier pricing.

    5.Handle inquiries, negotiations, and customer complaints, while also coordinating and tracking supplier quality issues. Evaluate and process quality claims as needed.

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  • PV Cell and Module Planner
    Nanjing, China

    1. Participate in order reviews and maintain open communication with the sales department and production factories to ensure timely order deliveries.

    2. Monitor monthly, weekly, and daily scheduling plans, oversee material arrival progress, and maintain reasonable control over production progress.

    3. Address any issues identified during the production process promptly. Daily tracking of production progress, inventory management, and coordination of the in-process production line are vital for success. Timely feedback and actions are required in case of any abnormalities.

    4. Additionally, ensure the component shipment plan is followed meticulously, coordinate shipment matters efficiently, and guarantee the timely and accurate completion of shipments.

    5. Lastly, perform statistical analysis of the component factory's production plan to meet manufacturing targets effectively. Also, compile and organize data from weekly reports, monthly reports, and production and sales meetings.

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