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Nov 23, 2023

Global Case 2 | SEG Solar Energizes the "Garden State" New Jersey


New Jersey, famously dubbed the "Garden State", is a botanical paradise where every parcel of land radiates a distinct allure. The SEG Solar venture, known as "SEG", embarks on a 7.365 MW Florence Landfill ground-mounted power station project in this picturesque state, employing the comprehensive suite of SEG ZION series products. Since its inception, the power station has consistently and dependably furnished superior-quality electricity, aligning with the escalating local hunger for clean energy.

Reduced Energy Production Costs per Unit

The Florence Landfill solar power plant yields premium electricity, totaling 1,556,445.52 kWh annually, adequately serving the local power needs for approximately 178 days. In comparison to coal-based electricity, this power plant can amass savings of $202,965.09 per annum. A fundamental advantage of SEG Solar power plants is the diminished cost per unit of electricity. This cost efficiency is attributed to economies of scale that larger power plants capitalize on, wherein unit production costs decrease with plant size.

Enhanced Grid Stability and Reliability

SEG Solar Florence Landfill power plant significantly enhances grid stability and reliability. Solar power, being intermittent, necessitates advanced energy storage for availability when needed. However, larger-scale facilities augment the overall capacity and enhance the capability to respond to risks. In the face of escalating PPA prices, electrical shortages due to aging equipment, and frequent natural disasters, SEG's solar modules consistently deliver high-quality solar power.

Positive Environmental Contributions

The SEG Florence Landfill power plant has made a notably positive environmental impact. Instead of harmful emissions associated with coal and oil, the SEG solar plant generates eco-friendly and sustainable energy. Over the past year, this initiative has contributed to a reduction of 1,433,175.38 kg of CO2 emissions, equivalent to the afforestation of 1,194,313 trees. Through the establishment of large-scale solar power plants, SEG Solar has aided in reducing reliance on detrimental resources and combating climate change.

About SEG

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, SEG Solar is a leading Tier 1 American solar photovoltaic module manufacturer with a complete global supply chain, offering high-quality solar modules. As of the end of 2022, more than 2 GW of SEG modules have been installed in the United States and European markets. The company expects an annual module production capacity exceeding 5.5 GW and cell production capacity of 2 GW by 2024.


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