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Nov 23, 2023

Global Case 1|Florida Shines with SEG's 60MW Ground-mounted Solar Project, Pioneering Green Energy


Florida, the "Sunshine State" known for its abundant solar resources, is experiencing a rebirth with the help of the solar industry. On the sprawling plains stand the solar projects of SEG Solar ("SEG"), which are harnessing the sun's radiant light to build a green energy matrix in the state. This solar energy powers Florida's electrical grid and provides a carbon-free journey with any electricity use.

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Sun-Kissed Florida: Shines Bright with SEG's 60 MW project

Florida, known for having one of the longest sunlight durations in the United States, benefits from a climate with long summers and short winters, ensuring ample sunshine throughout the year. With its expansive geography, Florida provides an ideal landscape for solar projects, particularly ground-mounted installations. According to SEIA reports, Florida has emerged as one of the top three solar cities in the United States since 2019.

SEG's ground-mounted solar project in Florida has a total capacity of 60 MW. Solar panels play a vital role in the entire solar energy generation process. The project utilizes the highly efficient ZION series module, delivering exceptional performance and promoting efficient green energy.

Green goes with qualified SEG

With leading-edge technology that ensures safety and reliability, SEG's Florida project, once connected to the grid, is expected to generate approximately 7.8 million kWh of electricity annually. This translates to a reduction of 780 metric tons of standard coal consumption and 702 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The project's energy savings equate to $1.1849 million in annual electricity expenses, equivalent to planting 560 million trees. This large-scale ground-mounted solar plant not only enhances the local grid's power supply but also generates economic benefits. It holds significant importance in reshaping the local energy structure and promoting the adoption of green energy.

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