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Jan 12, 2024

SEG Solar Wins the "Photovoltaic Component Company with the Most Influence in 2023" Award at the Solarbe Awards


On January 10th-11th, the 11th “Solarbe Awards” was organized by the China Energy Research Association’s (CERA) New Energy Intelligent Manufacturing and Application Technology Committee, and Solarbe PV Network in Suzhou, China. A number of industry leaders were invited to share their industry insights and management wisdom on key topics, such as “Technology, Product, Business Model and Solution Co-innovation”, “Forum on Distributed PV Market Innovation in the New Era”, “Sharing Session on Global Market Trend and Response Strategy” and so on.

The "Solarbe Awards" is one of the most influential selection events in the PV industry, and has been successfully held for eleven years. Over the past 10 years, the award has recorded the development history of the PV industry, counted the achievements of the PV industry, and witnessed the exemplary power of high-quality brands. As a leading solar PV module manufacturer in the United States, SEG Solar (SEG) won the "Photovoltaic Component Company with the Most Influence in 2023" award, which is a testament to its strong comprehensive strength in PV new energy solutions.


Innovation-driven, Diversified Products Serving the World

Since its establishment in 2016, SEG has been deeply committed to the field of photovoltaics, and constantly explores and innovates. With rich technical and operational accumulation, the company has created a diversified series of products, such as YUKON, YUKON N and ALPINE, to fully meet the differentiated needs of different application scenarios, such as household, commercial & industrial, and large-scale ground power plants in the end market. Up to now, the SEG’s solar business has spread to more than 50 countries and regions in North America, Europe and Asia.

Strategic Expansion, Comprehensively Enhancing Brand Capability

The company's strategic layout is also very robust. Adhering to the principle of prioritizing cost efficiency, SEG has carried out a global configuration, laying out the U.S. mainland, Europe, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and China. By establishing stable and sustainable supply chains, manufacturing bases, marketing centers, and R&D centers, SEG has effectively boosted its manufacturing capabilities in the U.S., reduced the impact of severe weather, trade policy uncertainties and other risky challenges, and continued to enhance its advanced manufacturing capabilities and superior supply chain management capabilities.


Unlimited Potential, Continuing to Intensify Intelligent Green Energy

SEG was honored with the "Photovoltaic Component Company with the Most Influence in 2023" award, which is truly deserved! In the future, SEG will continue to develop technologies and iterate products, use green light energy to provide customers with a variety of energy solutions, and contribute to the realization of the "dual carbon" goal.

About SEG Solar

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, SEG Solar is a leading American solar photovoltaic module manufacturer with a complete global supply chain, offering high-quality solar modules. As of the end of 2022, more than 2 GW of SEG modules have been installed in the United States and European markets. The company expects an annual module production capacity exceeding 5.5 GW and cell production capacity of 2 GW by the end of 2024.


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