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Jan 31, 2024

SEG Solar's YUKON N Bifacial Module Receives High Rating of “VERY GOOD” in PV Magazine Testing


PV Magazine, a global authoritative photovoltaic media, recently published the results of its "PV Magazine Module Test". SEG Solar's YUKON N Series 72-cell bifacial double glass modules were awarded the stellar rating of "VERY GOOD".

Organized by the German PV Magazine Group, known for its rigorous evaluation system, this test holds high authority in Asia and Europe. CEA randomly selected five YUKON N Series modules from SEG, subjecting them to comprehensive testing at laboratory following CEA's stringent protocols and standards.


SEG SOLAR's YUKON N Series 72-cell bifacial modules excelled in appearance and EL tests, passing various rigorous assessments, including insulation, withstand voltage, wet leakage current, static mechanical load, dynamic mechanical load, etc. Each module underwent three rounds of complete EL tests, ensuring compliance with high-quality manufacturing standards. The series maintains efficient power generation even in high-temperature environments, boasting a low temperature coefficient of -0.3%/°C.

To validate real-world power generation, SEG SOLAR conducted outdoor empirical testing on the YUKON N series. Random samples underwent precise testing with high-precision equipment after exposure to outdoor conditions. Results demonstrated a significant power generation advantage for the YUKON N series 72-cell bifacial modules.


As a leading U.S. solar manufacturer, SEG maintains its dedication to delivering products that are both reliable and cost-effective. The continuous technological advancements exemplified by the YUKON N series are a testament to SEG's commitment. Having consistently earned the title of "Top Performer" from PVEL over multiple years, PV Magazine's recent testing solidifies SEG's enduring reputation for reliability.

Covering residential, commercial, industrial, and ground-mounted solar scenarios, SEG provides comprehensive solutions. Future endeavors include continued investment in research and development, delivering high-value, high-quality, and high-reliability PV products to promote clean energy across diverse applications.

About SEG Solar

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, SEG Solar is a leading American solar photovoltaic module manufacturer with a complete global supply chain, offering high-quality solar modules. As of the end of 2022, more than 2 GW of SEG modules have been installed in the United States and European markets. The company expects an annual module production capacity exceeding 5.5 GW and cell production capacity of 2 GW by the end of 2024.


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