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Jul 29, 2023

Renewable Energy Leaders Unite: SEG Solar's Presence at RE+ Mid-Atlantic


On July 26-27, RE+ Mid-Atlantic 2023 was successfully opened at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. As a US leading PV manufacturer, SEG Solar (SEG) positively moved in green work, attracting a large number of new and existing customers, peer experts and exhibition visitors. 


SEG Solar shines the RE+ Mid-Atlantic

RE+ Mid-Atlantic is RE+ Event’s inaugural event in Philadelphia. SEG's CEO Jim Wood, Director of Strategic Accounts Andrew King, and US Distribution Sales Alex Jordan welcomed attendees and engaged in discussions with both new and existing customers. They explored future collaboration directions, the trends in US photovoltaic development, and the transformation of energy structure, showcasing SEG's strong commitment to clean energy and its high regard for the US market.

Importance that promotes updated products and a stable supply chain for energy independence

YUKON N series boasts a wide range of applications, meeting various usage scenarios, with a maximum power output of 580W and a top conversion efficiency of 22.45%. It has garnered widespread attention. It excels in light absorption, high-temperature applications, low irradiance response, and power attenuation, fully maximizing customer value and offering the US power plant market more green energy alternatives.

SEG has recently made consecutive announcements about its expansion plans in the US and Indonesian markets for the construction of solar cell and module factories. This move aims to further strengthen its independent supply chain, ensuring stable supply for the domestic US market. This significant news has made SEG the center of attention at the exhibition. Many industry partners gathered at the SEG booth to actively discuss the importance of SEG's strategic moves.

Green guard stands for sustainable work 

Pennsylvania prioritizes solar energy, taking advantage of its sunny weather by promoting solar installations and production statewide. Solar energy has seen significant growth in the past years, offering long-term savings and returns on investment. As electricity costs rise, the potential for solar energy is expected to surge further.

Jim Wood stated that the "Inflation Reduction Act" continually emphasizes "Made in America," driving states to implement solar support policies and reduce pressure from Southeast Asian imports. These factors are expected to lead to critical growth in the US solar industry. SEG is closely following the market's expansion pace, adapting to policy changes, and strategically establishing manufacturing bases across the US and globally to significantly expand and stabilize its independent supply chain.


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