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Apr 01, 2023

SEG Solar Was Invited to the UNC Clean Tech Summit


The UNC Clean Tech Summit is an annual conference that brings together expertise, students, and academics to discuss over the latest advancements and challenges in the clean tech industry as well as to address global environmental issues and enhance sustainability. The UNC Institute for the Environment hosted this year's event from March 27 to 28. As a sponsor, SEG Solar 's(SEG)CEO, Jim Wood and Sales Manager, Neal Mitchell were invited to attend the conference.



(Figure 1: Left is SEG Solar’s CEO Jim Wood and right is Sales Manager Neal Mitchell)


Jim Wood enthusiastically presented to all attendees the latest achievements of SEG’s module manufacturing and innovative technologies. SEG's next-generation YUKON N-type solar modules, which were inspired by the magnificent Yukon River in the United States, indicates SEG’s original objective of returning to ecology and enriching nature. Based on TOPCon cell technology, this module displays superior performance, which results in a higher lifetime energy yield than a conventional PERC module. Lowering LCOE has long been a top priority of technological innovation. According to the testing results, the YUKON module can lower the LCOE in comparison to the market leading PERC module, which lowers the program's BOS cost.


Take Oregon’s prior utility program as an illustration. An installed capacity of 14.2MW equates to the planting of 12108 trees and the reduction of 22098 tons of carbon emissions. That number is set to grow further with SEG’s cutting-edge products. SEG is keen to assist the US's continued energy independence in the form of low- carbon, environmentally conscious manufacturer for upcoming generations.



(Figure 2: Tea break at the UNC Clean Tech Summit.)


SEG, which is powered by technical advancement, is crucial to improving technology and promoting sustainability. SEG contributes to the development of a more promising future for both America and the Earth by fostering collaborations and providing opportunities for education and research.


Established in 2016, SEG is dedicated to providing dependable and affordable solar energy solutions in the US market. SEG anticipates shipping more than 2GW of PV modules per year by the end of 2024.


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