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Jun 13, 2023

SEG Solar Achieves Class 1 Fire Certification for Italian Market,Ensuring Quality with the Highest Standards


On May 19, SEG Solar (SEG) declared that its multiple photovoltaic modules series had successfully completed the highest level (Class 1) of fire (fire protection) safety certification for the Italian market as well as the accreditation from the prestigious CSI organization. With this certification, SEG demonstrates its dedication to the highest standards and best quality, and the authority has recognized the high caliber, effectiveness, and dependability of its goods.

Unmatched Hardest of Italian Class 1 Fire Certification 

The UNI9177 fire certification standard in Italy takes into account all relevant factors, including the component's surface resistance to single-sided flame combustion (UNI8457) and the component's flame under the radiation hot spot (UNI9174), grading each factor on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being the best, 5 the worst), and finally assigning a score and grade based on the results of each test coefficient. The fire rating of photovoltaic modules can only be categorized as level 1 under the UNI9177 standard and obtain the highest level assigned by the Italian cabinet fire department - fire protection (fire protection) safety certification - if UNI8457 and UNI9174 have obtained a grade 1 score in both tests. Due to the higher standards of the Italian Cabinet Fire Department than other countries, Italian Class 1 Fire Certification is This certification is renowned as the most challenging fire safety certification in Europe.



Exploring New Frontiers with Unparalleled Quality

SEG’s multi-series PV modules, including the YUKON Series Transparent Backsheet Series, have received the highest level (Class 1) fire (fire) safety certification in the Italian market. This certification is significant not only for the growth of the SEG brand but also for widening the Italian market and enhancing local consumers' purchasing power.

Transparent Backsheet Series offers a versatile solution for distributed PV applications, perfectly tailored to Italian local market. This series boasts exceptional features, including high light transmittance, superior UV resistance, and remarkable power generation efficiency. With a maximum output power of 460Wp and module efficiency reaching 21.25%, it optimizes installation capacity within limited roof areas while significantly reducing BOS costs. Notably, the front light transmittance of these modules exceeds 94%, resulting in a substantial improvement in module power.


Even after prolonged use, the backsheet maintains a light transmittance above 86%, showcasing a yellowing index Δ<3, and a minimal decrease in light transmittance before and after aging, which remains below 3%. Furthermore, compared to double-sided double-glass modules, this product series is lightweight, making it a suitable choice for distributed applications in households and commercial settings, effectively meeting the diverse needs of customers.

Jun Zhuge, Founder and COO of SEG Solar, said: "With advanced technology, highly reliable products and a complete and stable global supply chain, SEG Solar is confident to create a trustworthy American PV module brand and maximize the value of PV.”

SEG Solar was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA. Committed to providing cost-effective, reliable solar solutions to utility, commercial and residential customers, SEG has quickly grown to become a leading solar PV module manufacturer in the United States. By the end of 2022, SEG had installed more than 2GW of PV products in the US and European markets.


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